Autoforniture La Mole works TOGETHER with the main international automotive replacement producers as:



CHAMPION has always been world leader in developing technology of spark plugs that fit out the original system. All the current original technologies such as, multi - electrode spark plugs, double copper spark plugs, platinum spark plugs are the successful result of a company that for 90 years has supplied car makers. There is a new technology also for the CHAMPION glow plugs, that is able to satisfy the 95% of the growing diesel engine market in Europe. The range of CHAMPION products, a synonym of quality and technology, also includes blades, wiper blade, wiper arms, spare refills and the new TRUCK SERIES wiper line designed for trucks. CHAMPION filters (oil filters, air filters, interior filters, diesel fuel filters, petrol filters) are made according to the standards of the main car producers.


BOSCH first spark plug was produced in 1902; it has always been a leading producer of oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and air cabin filters included in the first equipment in 1930. 25 years ago it has developed the first lambda probe and today, with a continuous improvement, it boasts more than 250 million lambda probe produced both for original system and aftermarket. The high quality of BOSCH wiper blades guarantees the best detergency and an optimal wear. BOSCH glow-plugs are made with an innovative technology that guarantees very high performances. The first BOSCH fuel pumps were produced in 1927. For more than 100 years it has been a successful partner in the car field.


MAGNETI MARELLI supplies the largest car producers in the world. Since 1919 it has been leading in the production of high technology components and electric spares such as ignition modules, breaker plates, pick up coils, electronic ignition modules, coils, distributor caps, leader in the AFTERMARKET.


GATES is a leading company in the drive system sector. GATES belts and timing belts are made following the most rigorous producing standards. Because of this, GATES is a key supplier to most of the largest world car makers.


FERODO brake pads and brake shoe-set are already registered and included in a great number of original systems. With these requisites they also meet the demand within the aftermarket. The PREMIER brake pad range, designed and manufactured with care, guarantee high performances and a perfect adaptability in every braking system. At the same time TARGHET brake pads can also satisfy low-cost needs.


A firm born in 1975, IVECO is today one of the world leaders in the sector of commercial and industrial vehicles. It is working in more than 100 countries in the world with its selling net of vehicles and spare parts. Iveco is a firm wich is present in industrially improving countries, as for ex China, and this presence is one of its point of strenght.


The best world-wide production of car parts, carefully selected, used and released in the aftermarket and guaranteed by FIAT ALFA LANCIA.



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